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Audition Masterclasses
Audition Masterclasses
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Written by 15 top experts who work throughout the music field, this book starts with techniques that help you overcome your first audition jitters and continues with how you can be better prepared for any audition in the music field, including the country's leading orchestras. No matter what instrument you play. You'll even learn how players are able to get professional jobs without performing an actual audition!
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Audition Masterclasses Table of Contents The Basics. "Focus on music, not mistakes. No matter how hard you've worked, something unexpected is likely to happen." Covers basic advice on how to prepare for any audition, including how to perform a mock audition and tips on adapting to a variety of conditions such as the size and acoustics of the room you're playing in. Preparing Yourself for Success. "If you're not making it happen, then something's in your way, and you have to figure out what it is." What does it take to make it? This chapter starts you down the path to success by asking four important questions you need to answer in order to prepare for excellence. Performing Better Under Pressure. "Good auditions require energy, and you can make your adrenaline work for you, instead of against you." Learn how to channel the adrenaline and stress your body naturally produces into better audition performances by using Centering and other techniques. Reduce audition fears through daily practice and make them into something you've been doing all along. Coping With Performance Anxiety. "Play from the inside out (so) that you're really hearing your music. This will move the listener and make for a better performance." Learn breathing techniques, introspection and music meditations to help you silence your "inner critic" and make every audition performance the best it can be. Replacing Stage Fright With Music. "Your internal voices become a form of interference and take your attention away from the music you're trying to make." Focusing on "Inner Game" techniques such as Awareness, Commitment and Trust allows you to fill your concentration only with those things that will let you play up to your musical potential. To Medicate Or Not?. "Do beta blockers actually help performance? It depends on who you ask." Learn the controversies surrounding the use of beta-blockers to reduce stress and performance anxiety of musicians. Find out the contra-indications and the importance, not to mention legality, of having them prescribed by your physician. Memorization Skills. "Strong memory skills can be developed like any other aspect of playing an instrument-with discipline, diligence and repetition." In this lesson, you'll learn the three main parts of the memorization process: Tactile, aural and theoretical. You'll also learn techniques to help you develop all three and increase your chances of success on audition day. Student Musicians-Rising To The Top. "Everything in your performance can be narrowed down to two things: Tone Quality and Technique." Student musicians will especially want to read this chapter filled with advice on how choosing the right repertoire, practice and developing awareness of your technique can move you ahead toward a successful career in music. Music Schools And Conservatories. "Judges can determine a universe of information about you from a simpler piece just as easily as from a harder one." Mary Gray's common sense advice is sure to help students as they prepare for an audition at a top music school. She offers a 10-step how-to guide on everything from finding the right program to appearance to keeping a positive mental attitude. Casuals, Freelance and Contract Work. "We want people who are attentive to the leader onstage and can approach the job fairly ego-less." Get a gig playing at a social or corporate event. This chapter gives you the inside information on what casuals contractors are looking for including the Three Ps: Professionalism, a passion for pop, and playing the parts. Las Vegas Casuals And Showbands. "When the opportunity arrives to prove yourself, there are certain guidelines you need to follow-not just in Vegas, but anywhere, anytime." Includes advice on how to break into one of the hottest musician markets around-Las Vegas. First off, Rebecca advises you'll need to move there, find another job and play wherever you can to get known. Cruise Lines. "No matter how much time you spend at school studying with teachers, you won't develop as a seasoned performer until you actually play in front of a live audience." Learn the six things you need to know if you want a job playing music at sea. Working on a cruise ship is good, steady work that lets you play six or seven nights a week, for three to six months at a time. On And Off Broadway. "Look at the industry as a ladder-don't try to start at the top unless you're really certain about your abilities." Discover the eight ways to boost your chances of making the orchestra for a professional theatre show. Important skills for theatre orchestra players include research, sight reading and ability to play in many styles. Getting A Pop Gig. "Be as honest as possible about the kinds of music you like and what you're good at playing." Using New York City as an example, this lesson helps you get wired into the pop scene. Use classified ads to help you get auditions with local bands and build a word-of-mouth reputation that can help lead to tour or studio work. Orchestra Jobs. "To win an orchestra job, you can't be a flash in the pan-you have to be consistently good and ready for anything." Perhaps the most daunting audition of all is for a leading orchestra. This chapter gives you advice and knowledge of how an orchestra searches for new players and how you can best be prepared for this unique auditioning process.
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