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Breathing Masterclasses
Breathing Masterclasses
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These 15 essential lessons feature information, tips, advice and specific exercises you can do to gain better control of your breathing. Each in-depth lesson is given by a recognized expert in their field and features step-by-step instructions. Written in clear and easy-to-understand language, Selected Breathing Masterclasses is a definitive manual you will refer to time-and-time again.

Lesson topics include:
How breathing works (Frank L. Powell Ph.D.)
This lesson gives you a detailed explanation of the mechanics of the lungs and breathing. How breathing works and what it does.

Controlling expiration (Steven M. Scharf, M.D., Ph.D.)
A pulmonologist gives specific tips and advice on how you can gain more control of your breath.

Finding your correct posture (Richard Miller, Ph.D.)
Poor posture habits can cause stress and limit the use of your diaphragm. Learn two different exercises to help you improve your posture.

The Alexander Technique (Jessica Wolf)
Learn the process of the Alexander Technique, designed to help you correct common habits of poor posture and excess muscular tension caused by stress.

Deep breathing (Grace Welch)
Proper yoga breathing can teach you to make use of all of your lung capacity. Two step-by-step exercises will help you learn deep breathing.

Maintaining steady air flow (W. Stephen Smith)
Learn how to manage your breath to help you develop steady airflow. A three-part vocalist's exercise routine will assist you in creating a consistent air stream.

Strengthening your abdominal muscles (Nancy Zi)
Let an expert in Chinese breath manipulation guide you through a set of three exercises that will help strengthen your abdominal muscles and help you better control your diaphragm.

Building stamina through exercise (Ralph Rozenek)
An exercise physiologist helps you find ways to effectively "cross-train" and develop more energy through an aerobic exercise program of your choice.

Coordinating breath with performance (Valorie Kondos Field)
Learn to use your breath to help your performance and rid you of excess anxiety, stress or nervousness from an award-winning gymnastics coach.

Saving your breath (Tom Maxwell)
This lesson gives you practical advice on how to use your breath more efficiently. It also contains tips on how to prepare for a great performance.

Calming performance anxiety (Nirvair Singh Khalsa)
A yoga master teaches techniques to help you to slow your breathing to help you get into a better "relaxed state of balance".

Devices and how to use them (William Scarlett)
Various mechanical devices were created to help assist better breathing. Learn how to use four of these devices (Breath Builder, air bag, Voldyne and The Inspiron) in this lesson.

Allergies and asthma (William E. Berger, M.D.)
If you suspect (or know) that either allergies or asthma is a problem that you have, this lesson will give you good practical advice to aid your situation.

Adjusting to higher altitudes (Rick Curtis)
Travel often takes us to places where peak performance is necessary but physically challenging. Learn tips and advice on how to cope with high altitude.

Circular breathing (Robert Spring, Ph.D.)
This technique allows you to continously breath out, by using air in your cheeks to blow out while refilling your lungs through your nose. Learn how to do it.

Breathing glossary
27 common breathing terms defined.

This book is 32 pages, softcover.

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