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Circular Breathing
Circular Breathing
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How do the world's most celebrated wind players make it through music's longest and toughest passages without stopping for air? The best players all share a technical trick that's crucial for anyone hoping to succeed in today's competitive music field, and yet it's a trick that almost anyone can master: Circular breathing.

Whether you play a brass or woodwind instrument, or simply want to expand your knowledge of ancient breathing techniques, this book contains everything you'll ever need to know to master the art of circular breathing, laid out in several easy steps, with additional training provided by top experts specific to each of the primary wind instruments.

Inside you'll find:
- Two alternative introductory methods
- Exercises and advice from 7 contributing experts in different brass and woodwind instruments
- Individual sections for flute, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, oboe, trumpet, and low brass players, including recommended repertoire for each
- Easy-to-follow numbered steps and graphics
- Supplemental tips and info boxes

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